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Paladin Chronicles News and Information

2.6.15 Thank you for visiting my authors page on the Paladin Chronicles, the Sword and Sorcery Epic Fantasy series set in the ancient  world starting from 350 BC. The fourth book in the main seven part series is finally published as is the prequel. The eighth book is a flashback to events between book 3 and 4 so the final showdown is in sight.
As good as book 1 is, I think you will be well pleased with the books that follow. Each is able to be read and enjoyed on its own. Each tries to explore something new, so not just a repetition of the last book. I'm still having fun and I hope it shows. There is an overlap with historical fantasy, to quote one reviewer.
"Historical fantasy really doesn't get any better than this."

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How do I get free previews, you ask?
Book 1: The Elvish Prophecy  Click Here           Book 2: The Defence of Troia  Click Here
Book 3: The Gathering Storm Click Here            Book 4: The Assassin's Quest. Click Here 
Prequel (Amazon numbered it Book 5) : The Man Who Never Was: Preview Click Here
How do I buy a copy, you ask?
 Thank you so much!
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What about charitable donations, you ask? 
After an allowance for advertising, all author proceeds go to save the children's fund, the Syrian Appeal (good cause).

What if I want more of what I spend on these books to go to charity, you ask?
Thank you for your generosity!
My pleasure is in writing the books and having people read them, not about the money. If you read my books you are sharing with me something I love,and I am already grateful
If you want more of your purchase to go to charity the publishing arm of Amazon (Create Space) has set up a site for people I refer and gives higher royalties, hence more money to charity.  https://www.createspace.com/3961560 . (You need an Amazon account).

If you want to all my books on this site, there is a trick. 
Put "add to cart " and  book 1 will appear in your cart. Then press the back arrow on your browser. Just under "add to your cart" for Book 1, there is a link to book 2 called book 2 is also great add to cart on this page and now you will find both books in your cart and so on.
Sorry if it's cumbersome. I almost suspect Amazon inserts hurdles. You are no obligation to do this but you're helping a good cause.good cause

How do I support this venture even more, you ask? 
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Please give them a five star review on Amazon, Goodreads,your e book store or wherever you can.
(Amazon explains their star rating system in this way:  5 Stars I love it, 4 stars I like it, 3 stars it is OK, 2 Stars I don't like it, 1 star I hate it)

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