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Paladin Chronicles Author's Page

Thank you for your interest in The Paladin Chronicles. 

This seven-book series was finished in 2020.

In 2023 all books were revised and re-released as two book bundles

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over 1700 pages or more than 600,000 words

It begins with 'The Elvish Prophecy'

All Hakeem wanted was to become a religious monk. He can’t understand why he was refused. The Grand Abbot of the monastery where he grew up said he was destined to be something he had never heard of, called a Paladin.

Broken hearted and penniless, he runs away to join their mercenaries fighting in the Greek colonies on the western coast of Turkey.  After a local war, he has risen to the level of a senior commander when he is summoned home. Little does he realise that soon he will be caught up in events prophesied two thousand years before.

The once mighty Elves are fading. Their final destruction has been foretold and now the time is all but upon them.  They have lost almost all their magic. They no longer live longer than humans and each year they have fewer and fewer children. They are destined to face barbarian hordes greater than the time of the Aryans and an ancient sorcerer commanding a demon army.

Hakeem, an Elvish Princess and their adopted daughter flee from assassins as they try to find a way to save the Elves.

Avoiding spoilers I can say that 

Book 2 'The Defence Of Troia'  , Book 3 'The Gathering Storm' and Book 4 'The Assassins Quest' follows the desperate battles of the allies, their awful cost and Jacinta's coming of Age.

Review excerpts: “Historical fantasy really doesn't get better than this” “first-rate … truly memorable” “Awesome” “truly an epic story”

Book Bundle II books 5-7

The second and final book bundle is over 1400 pages/ 4000,000 words and contains the exciting conclusion.  

It is US $ 1.99 plus any local taxes (which means you can read the whole series for $ 1.99, and I can cover expenses.)



It begins with Book 5  'The Man who Never Was': 

This takes the reader back to Copper Age Norway, early in the Illvættir war, and the first time the elves were hunted to the brink of extinction. It sets the background for book 6&7 and explains the origin of the cursed armour: 

Hervor, a young woodland elf is taken captive by savage Norse raiders. She has been told that without her, there may be no hope for her people but how can a slave girl help them fight demons and more dangerous raiders while caring for the small group of elf children entrusted to her?

And how can she resist the surprising kindness with which she is treated, cope with her dangerously attractive slave master and tame her own rebellious heart?

Meanwhile, her beloved brother is destined to become Hjørvard, the Man who Never was and wear the cursed armour.

Book 6 'The Enemy Within' concerns the plot to kill Gansükh

While Gansükh rules Āzar Pāyegān (Azerbaijan), the elves cannot be safe. Yet while he can summon his daimôn lord, he cannot be killed, and he cannot be displaced.

A very special assassin is sent. She must get closer to him than anyone else. She must become his lover. She must become an ‘enemy within the gates’. She is very dangerous herself and she will face intrigue, powerful enemies, great danger and desperate battles. What she least expects is to fall in love with the man she has been sent to kill. 

Book 7 'The Last City of the Dwarves' details the search for the lost city of the dwarves and the final show down in mountains of Georgia and Chechnya.

Jacinta has lost all her memories and been driven half mad by another trip to the daimôn world to master the magic and power she now knows lies inside her. 

She is alone in the foothills of Chechnya surrounded by a treacherous band of adventurers searching for the lost city that lies somewhere just over the mountains. 

If she find it, she must face the monsters within and wear the armour that will steal her life and immortal soul.

Hakeem and Kynane approach the mountains from the South. They have taken a small band of scouts to examine the reports of monsters for Seléne, the young Queen of the half Elven, but the way to the last of the dwarves city is open and soon they will be trapped there. 

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