Thursday 30 November 2023

Ancient History blog list

Ancient History Blogs 

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  1. The Amorites II The Ill fated first Babylonian Empire 2 here
  2. Sumer after the Sumerians, the Amorite rulers Sumerians  here
  3. Sumerians 5,the lost years here
  4. The Sumerians 4 The Brutal Akkadians here
  5. The Incredible Sumerians 3 after the flood here
  6. The Incredible Sumerians 2 here
  7. The Incredible Sumerians 1 here
  8. The fall of the Roman Republic 3 (Late Republic) here
  9. The fall of the Roman Republic 2 (middle Republic) here
  10. The Fall of the Roman republic 1 (early republic) here
  11. The last King of Rome and the start of the Republic here
  12. The Kings of Rome, fact or fiction here
  13. Out of Africa 2, Homo Sapiens here
  14. Out of Africa 1, Early evolution of man  here
  15. The missing Neolithic farmers of old Europe here
  16.  The True Dawn of the Neolithic Age here
  17. The Plague a snapshot, 3,000 BC till today here
  18. The Great Plague, a brief scientific background here
  19. Boudica (Boadicea) heroine of the Britons AD 60 here
  20. Armenian Genocide, background  here
  21. Armenia, a land of ancient history and enduring tragedy here
  22. The true Aryans here
  23. Phoenicians, remarkable survivors  here
  24. The Bronze Age Collapse, the greatest disaster to ever visit the ancient world here
  25. The mysterious Philistines and the Sea People  here
  26. The PelasgoĆ­, the forgotten people of Greece  Pelasgoi 
  27.  The search for Troy   Heinrich Schliemann
  28. The history of Paladins from medieval French literature till today..History of Paladins, 
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  31.  Song of Troy: an Epic Sword and Sorcery tale from Ancient times click here